Labradorite Pendant Silver Serpent

Labradorite Pendant Silver Serpent


This pendant features a beautiful 57 ct labradorite , deep blue with color flash across the entire face of the stone ... A silver Melusine serpent is twined across the front .. The serpent is stamped with turn of the century tooling, this has been sterling silver plated, then given a rich antique finish to highlight the intricate detailing. In folklore, Melusine was a fairy queen of the forest, secretly cursed with a serpent body if seen immersed in water. Upon being spied upon bathing by her suspicious husband, she turned into a 15 foot dragon and flew away.

The pendant measures 2 1/4 inches long x 3/4 inch wide.
The pendant is set in a hammered bezel .

This is a pendant only .

Thank you for viewing my creation. Each piece is hand made, all original TangoCatGems design....

TangoCatGems 2020 your pendant will be delivered to you beautifully gift wrapped.