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Tutorial Wire Wrapped Copper Sea Star Pendant or Bracelet link

Tutorial Wire Wrapped Copper Sea Star Pendant or Bracelet link


This tutorial will teach you how to create a pendant using a coiled wire technique, adding gemstones, charm and pearls. once you have learned this technique, you can easily adapt this for your own unique creations . 

I have also shown the pendant worked in silver wire... 
The bracelet that is shown is made with two pendants as the center focal, a double copper chain band, and copper heart toggle clasp. 
A bracelet can be made with multiple pendant links, linked together for a bangle cuff bracelet. The possibilities are endless once you have learned the wire coil technique.

This pendant is featured in the Summer 2009 issue of 
Belle Armoire Jewelery Magazine. 

TangoCatGems Original Design. 

The tutorial has 12 pages of very detailed instruction with , 21 color pictures, working the pendant each step of the way. 

Tools you will need:
• Long-nosed pliers
• Cutting pliers
• Tape measure
• Nylon jaw flat pliers
• File

Materials you will need:
• 18 in of 20 gauge copper wire 
• 17 feet of 28 gauge copper wire
• 21mm Copper Sea star charm
• (1) Small gemstone bead (8 x 10mm)
• (3) 6mm freshwater pearls

You only buy this tutorial, not the jewelry shown.

Delivery of PDF file via email as specified in your paypal account . 

Copyright © 2009 TangoCatGems Designs. All rights reserved. These instructions are for personal use only. Please do not distribute, lend or copy any portion of this document. Reproduction and or distribution of these instructions in whole or in part, in any form, without the author's written consent, is strictly prohibited.

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